Automated Analysis

ICP scoring instants ranks your corporate telcom expenses showing unplanned costs and over purchase wastage.

Dashboard Visualization

iCellPRO’s invoice visualization techniques clarify where telecommunication costs actually reside, virtually eliminating wireless billing confusion.

Corporate Reporting

Over 30 standard reports with roll-ups for finance, management and each employee - including Bring Your Own Device plans.

Email notification

Automatically notify managers and device users of over use or policy breaches.

Backoffice for Brokers

Standardized reporting available for our partners to eliminate the data mining so you can get right to your recommendations.

Call Center

French and English support for both corporate clients and our partners.

Welcome to clarity

iCellPRO automates the comparison of individual cellphone use on corporate invoices with current plans and all providers. If your company is struggling with understanding costs and ask “Is this invoice correct?!” or “Are we on the best plan(s)?” or “Should we switch providers?” then iCellPRO is for you. Our automated reporting audits the telcom provider so that you can be sure you are awarded any adjustments you are due.”

Small/medium size business

iCellPRO provides telcom analysis support for SMB’s. No need to staff this position or to let the telephone management go unchecked nor unserviced in your business. Our clients have from 10 to 8000 devices under their control and our reporting and back office services provide the care and the clarity. Reporting is available in common excel format with dashboard presentation support for graphical analysis. We provide the results and the reports show how we got there. If your interest is in reducing costs or cleaning up internal reportings, let us know and we can find the right program for you. Costs start at $1/device/month.